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Our people

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Our people are the most important success factor in delivering optimum performance for our customers.

ERIKS’ aim is to be an attractive employer. The increasing aging of the population and the high demands and expectations of potential and existing employees make it essential for an employer to offer more than just market-rate salaries.

The Human Resource policy is therefore based on four cornerstones:

  1. Personal development
  2. Career flexibility
  3. Coaching and communication
  4. Basic conditions (remuneration and a good working environment).

This policy is gradually being rolled out in all existing clusters and acquired companies. ERIKS’ objective is to provide a modern infrastructure in which its employees can perform to the very best of their abilities in a pleasant working environment. The particular focus on development (know-how, skills) and career flexibility plays a major role in ensuring that its employees have appropriate duties and remain motivated in every phase of their careers.

ERIKS attaches great importance to open communication and involves its employees at all levels in the formulation of objectives and company strategy. Only in this way can we create a working environment in which our employees understand and support the strategy. Naturally, there is regular feedback concerning the current state of affairs and plans for the future. Important criteria are mutual trust and respect between the management and the employees and between the employees themselves. This is necessary to enable them to have the courage to ask questions, make mistakes (and learn from them) and hold each other to account regarding keeping the agreements that have been made. In this way, we can create a positive working environment that will endure going forward.

The ERIKS companies operate according to clear guidelines and procedures, and their working conditions and safety equipment meet all the relevant requirements.

In addition to recruiting highly qualified people, ERIKS devotes much attention to the development of its existing employees. A lot of attention and time is invested in Management Development programmes. In addition, the ERIKS University provides online courses and training programmes for employees through a virtual platform. Employees naturally receive feedback on their performance in periodic performance interviews, in which possible career changes (promotion, specialisation, change of specialist field or demotion) and professional training courses are also discussed.

As part of our Human Resources policy we maintain contact with schools and training institutions. The purpose of this contact for ERIKS is to contribute to the technical content of educational courses. The ERIKS companies’ management teams are encouraged to participate in technical and public interest organisations and to contribute to local, social and cultural events.

Code of conduct and compliance

ERIKS’ shared values, defined in its mission, are expressed in its code of conduct and apply to all ERIKS group employees. The code of conduct requires ERIKS to carry out its activities honestly and openly, with respect for human rights and the interests of its employees. All employees are required to comply with this code, and they are encouraged to report any actual or suspected infringements of the Code of Conduct or other rules applicable within the ERIKS group to the management (’whistle blower’ arrangement). Failure to observe the code of cconduct is regarded as a violation of business integrity.

Click here for the Code of Conduct including Whistle blowers regulation in English, Dutch, German or French

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