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Because we need you just as much as you need us.
Together we are unbeatable!


Opportunities for growth!

ERIKS is growing and has room for enthusiastic, motivated employees to grow with it. ERIKS gives employees the opportunity to develop themselves, at both the professional and personal level.


ERIKS is a healthy, growing enterprise. This brings continuity, stability and, therefore certainty. Certainty, with room for ambition, personal development and innovation.

Challenges and innovation!

Working at ERIKS means working in an innovative environment where you take on challenges and share them, come up with innovative solutions and act in a dynamic and well-considered manner. All of this as a team and as individual.

Being part of a strong team!

ERIKS is constantly working on a corporate culture where people take centre stage. A friendly, open and pleasant work environment with respect for and confidence in one another. A stimulating and challenging workplace climate where knowledge is shared. As an ERIKS employee, you form part of a winning team; a team that helps keep ERIKS the undisputed market leader in its field.

Work placement, traineeship opportunities for students!

We offer ample opportunities, especially for students from a technical or commercial background. The wide range of trainee posts at ERIKS offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience at an innovative multinational company with a stock exchange listing. Those in search of an informative and challenging traineeship at an organisation with a friendly and open work climate need look no further than ERIKS. A traineeship in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Malaysia or Singapore; ERIKS makes it all possible.

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