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Technical services


Transparent process around procurement and usage of technical components helps to reduce working capital and realise cost savings

In 2010 most industrial companies still buy their technical components at a large variety of suppliers, are purchase orders mainly paper based, are warehouses full of aged stock and end are users constantly complaining about limited product availability and limited support by suppliers.
Especially in a period of economic downturn, during which managing working capital efficiently is crucial and cost efficient manufacturing an absolute necessity to stay competitive, it is more then ever a time to react!

ERIKS challenges you to forge a breakthrough and is happy to show you how you can organise your total procurement process for technical components more efficiently for once and for all.

The technical and logistics solutions of ERIKS offer the opportunity to minimise the Total Cost of Ownership for the procurement and usage of technical components, both in an OEM- as in an MRO-environment. Whether ERIKS is a major supplier for a specialised product portfolio or supplies you a wide variety of products, we are always able to offer you a customised solution:

ERIKS - Customising Solutions

ERIKS - Engineering Solutions

Your benefits:

  • downtime reduction
  • increased maintenance efficiency
  • energy cost reduction
  • waste reduction
  • productivity improvement
In the absence of a standard product, we can engineer and manufacture a solution according to your application. Not surprisingly, ERIKS has extensive engineering and processing facilities available and is able to deliver every conceivable solution within the entire range of mechanical engineering components.

Examples of engineering and machining:

  • assembly of (hydraulic) hoses and couplings
  • testing, certification and repair of hoses
  • customised pneumatics
  • design and manufacturing of electrical transmissions
  • machining of industrial plastics
  • punching, water jetting and kitting of seals
  • conversion of valves
  • mechanical seals revision
  • machining of special seals
  • design of complete hydraulic systems
  • manufacturing of cylinders, motors and gear boxes
  • manufacturing of high-pressure couplings
  • special technology companies
  • R&D and training facilities

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