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Easy Order System® - Markets

Because of global purchase and studies of the products and markets of its clients, ERIKS anticipates on doing business by offering new products and services in time.

ERIKS has an excellent knowledge of the global market of industrial component manufacturers. High quality standards, innovation and good cooperation are our most important criteria. During the development of machine components, this provides you with innovation benefits, flexibility and speed. In the manufacturing industry, this leads to efficiency, (environmental) safety and increased productivity.

ERIKS is a leading supplier for all branches of industry, and plays both specialist and total supplier roles.

Click on one of the markets of Easy Order System® in the overview below, or go to an overview of all markets of ERIKS.

  • Petrochemicals and refineries

    Petrochemicals and refineries

    High pressure, cracking units, high temperatures, hazardous liquids and gases and critical processes are all features that characterize the world of petrochemistry and refining. A world in which ERIKS feels at home with its broad range of applicable products and services!

  • Maritime


    ERIKS delivers a full range of marine valves and fittings for new ships and for maintenance uses, and also supplies hydraulic actuators, plastic piping systems, seals and hoses.

  • Transport and aviation

    Transport and aviation

    ERIKS hydraulic hoses, components and systems are widely used in truck and trailer manufacture and in earthmoving equipment.

  • HVAC


    A great number of ERIKS products are used in large-scale construction projects such as office blocks, hotels, hospitals, museums and institutions.

  • Food and Pharmaceuticals

    Food and Pharmaceuticals

    With our broad range of seals, valves, special hoses, instruments and plastics for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries, ERIKS companies have a strong position in these industries.

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