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Easy Order System®


Besides a complete range of technical components, ERIKS offers an extensive package of technical and logistics services via the Easy Order System®.

With this system ERIKS makes it possible to substantially simplify the total procurement process for large packages, or even to outsource it completely. ERIKS’ technical and logistics solutions help you to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and thereby increase the competitive capacity of your company.

The ERIKS Easy Order System® represents a wide package of well-developed technical and logistics services including:

  • customer-specific products and packaging
  • ‘ready-to-use’ sets put together from separate components
  • flexible delivery possibilities
  • local presence in all important industrial centres
  • contact and service 24/7
  • customer-specific stocks available, either from central stores or the nearest branch
  • complete control of delivery
  • VMI solutions, complete with barcode scanning
  • wide range of e-Business solutions
  • webshops
  • on-site inspection, testing and repairs
  • R&D and training facilities
  • planning and supervision of production stops
  • carrying out quick-scans aimed at reducing the TCO
ERIKS_EOS _Total_cost_of_supplyERIKS_EOS_Diagram

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