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Cleanroom - Products

Click on one of the products of cleanroom in the overview below, or go to an overview of all products of ERIKS.

  • Dynamic seals

    Dynamic seals

    ERIKS has been the leader in the field of dynamic sealing elements for years. You can find examples of all of the innovative technological developments relating to dynamic sealing elements in our sales programme.

  • Gaskets


    Thanks to our specific process, product and application knowledge, ERIKS is capable of offering solutions for every flanged connection.

  • Injection moulded plastics

    Injection moulded plastics

    Starting from a sketched design, ERIKS manufactures plastic parts fully to specification. Flexible manufacturing allows the number of parts produced to vary from mere ones and twos to many thousands.

  • Mechanical seals

    Mechanical seals

    Chosen around the world by engineers for critical sealing applications, mechanical seals supplied by ERIKS are designed to meet industrial and automotive requirements for both OEM and maintenance markets.

  • O-Rings


    ERIKS is the O-Ring specialist since 1952. European-wide, our assortment is unique and offers the possibility to deliver almost every specific order direct from stock.

  • Pioneer Weston Sealing Technologies

    Pioneer Weston Sealing Technologies

    Pioneer Weston is at the forefront of sealing technology with an enviable reputation with major OEMs and specifiers for over 50 years. Pioneer weston provides the most competitive solution, no matter how arduous the conditions.

  • Plastic semi-finished products

    Plastic semi-finished products

    Many years of experience and advanced machinery enable ERIKS to produce in-house all conceivable end products. Starting from just a sketched design, ERIKS can manufacture plastic products precisely as per specification.

  • Rubber technology

    Rubber technology

    For over 60 years, ERIKS has been standing for innovation and quality in rubber technology. This experience and the years of cooperation with the main raw material producers are the ideal basis for a partnership with ERIKS.

  • Tools


    ERIKS offers an extensive programme of professional tools and accessories of mainly A-brands, which ensure you of a guaranteed high level of precision and quality. The programme is based on the needs and demands of the MRO-industry.

  • Valves


    The ERIKS companies offer an extensive range of valves with a large variety of materials, measurements and pressure stages. The program meets all international regulations and legislation.

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