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Plastic piping


ERIKS has an extensive experience in plastic piping systems

ERIKS supplies plastic piping systems for large development- and renovation projects for offices, schools and hospitals, for data centres of the civil services, for the maritime industry like yachts, inland navigation and sea-going vessels.

The plastic piping systems, valves and instrumentation components in these projects are used for industrial systems, central heating, cooling, sprinkler-, drinking water- and compressed air systems.

Plastic piping is often purchased on a project basis. ERIKS is completely set up to work this way. Our specialised sales engineers provide you with expert advice about material properties, connection and installation techniques. We can provide your project order quickly and completely and support you with the selection of the correct components and materials. The logistics can be adjusted to your special demands, such as split orders, packaging instructions or delivery methods.

Advantages of plastic piping

  • Material and assembly of plastic piping is inexpensive.
  • Processing using glues or welding or melting.
  • Lightweight. Offers advantages during transport and installation.
  • Plastic has excellent insulation properties. This saves insulation and in many cases, insulation can even be omitted.
  • No internal or external corrosion; no scaling in the pipe.
  • A durably smooth passage and therefore less friction loss.

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