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In industrial (manufacturing) processes, numerous process variables are measured, monitored and controlled continuously for the purpose of process control, production control, quality assurance, safety and environmental reasons.

ERIKS and the ERIKS companies Econosto, Rawson and Industrial Controls offer a complete range of instrumentation, including the own brands for measuring, monitoring and controlling pressure, temperature, level and flow. 

Econ® (Valves and instrumentation)
ICON (Pressure gauges and thermometers, pressure and temperature switches)

All products are supplied according to international standards. The own brands and most products can be delivered directly from stock. Most instruments can also be adjusted to your specification.

Valve actuators with its accessories as limit switches, directional control valve, valve positioners etc. take an ever increasing place in process and operating systems. Pneumatic or electric operated valve actuators for all type of valves complete the scope of the ERIKS companies.

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