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Thanks to our specific process product and application knowledge ERIKS is capable of offering solutions for every flanged connection.

Gaskets appear to be one of the simplest sealing components. However, the impact of poor
quality, incorrect selection or installation is only realised when your installation begins
to leak or worse, fails prematurely and results in mounting repair costs, all for the sake
of a little know-how and a few pence.

As Europe’s leading sealing solutions provider, ERIKS’ unique mix of technical know-how,
all encompassing product range and specialist services help our customers achieve reliable

Custom gaskets from a unique product line
ERIKS has the most comprehensive product range from the leading brand names in sealing
technology excelling in the everyday mundane to most extreme challenging applications.
Reliability and performance are ERIKS’ first priority so quality standards are all managed
to international standards. Our market know-how also allows us to develop new custom
solutions and techniques with our key manufacturing partners for improved sealing
performance creating cost savings for our customers. We can produce every conceivable
flange gasket in-house ranging from PTFE, fibre, graphite, rubber or metal.

The right choice provides more security
If you invest time in ERIKS advice on the most appropriate gasket, there will be a rapid
 payoff. With our market and product knowledge we can deliver a reduction of suppliers and
thus significantly reduce your stock holdings. We can apply our application knowledge to
minimise downtime and achieve savings in costly maintenance.

ERIKS endorse the development of gaskets that fulfil the ever stricter legislation regarding
the reduction of emissions. In addition to the benefits for the environment, the savings
(medium losses) that are achieved with this are considerable. These are just a few examples
of what ERIKS can mean for the optimisation of your business processes.

Rapid Service
In order to meet the exacting supply requirements of our customers, ERIKS has chosen to
produce flange gaskets locally. Our production facilities are equipped with the latest
computerised cutting machines to produce both standard and non-standard gaskets in minutes.
ERIKS also has its own facility for metal gaskets production producing non-standard kamm
profile and spiral wound gaskets on short lead-times. From our network of service centres,
ERIKS can supply a core range of sealing products from stock and in agreement with key
customers, carry tailored stock profiles. A broader range of logistics, vendor managed
inventory and supply solutions are also available to keep your site at full production.

All the sealing know-how you need
ERIKS specialists are always on hand to advice on the most appropriate material, shape,
gasket and flange or housing, applying knowledge gathered over many years from a broad
range of industries. With over one hundred ERIKS technical support staff involved in the
production, support, consultancy and application engineering of flange gaskets on a daily

You can profit from it!

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