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Valves in dosing machine



A machine in a dairy factory is standard equipped with rubber-metal valves and since the customer has changed his disinfection program, he is having lifetime problems. Some basic rubber analysis came up with the result that the valves are made in NBR. Because of the milk and yoghurt like products, this is a correct choice.


Because of the cleaning and disinfecting with NaOH and 85°C water, the NBR valves failed pretty fast. ERIKS suggested to use EPDM because the troubles came up after the CIP-SIP process. EPDM would be less suitable for milk and yoghurt but a compromise had to be taken.

After ordering the tool and 16 test pieces, the client noticed very fast a longer lifetime. After several cycli, the valves still looked as new and new orders for in total 500 pieces came in.


The total savings for the customer will be around € 70.000,- / year!

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