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TCO savings for subway company USA


ERIKS Company Industrial Controls provides monitoring system to subway company


As cars enter and exit stations, several hundred events occur and need to be recorded quickly and accurately. The current system monitors the activity of all trains entering and leaving various stations through a large area network to a central system. Each station also has one or more standalone data recorders which serve as duplicate data recording devices. These recorders cost well over $ 10,000 each, are large, outdated, and unreliable, and do not provide a method for retrieving data in the event of a network outage.


Industrial Controls’ solution involves the use of an ultra-reliable solid state industrial computer and compact I/O modules which occupies roughly one half the installation space and in many cases can perform the tasks of multiple recording devices into a single system. In the event of network outages, the system buffers data and fills in the gaps in the central database once communications are re-established. Additionally, in the event of a long term outage, an operator of any skill set can retrieve data locally via a standard USB memory device and analyze the data using standard tools such as Microsoft Excel. The extraction of data is achieved either through a smart phone app or laptop computer using a simple interface which permits the user to easily select the time range and data points to be retrieved. This data can then also be re-inserted into the central system allowing for playback of events.


When all new systems are installed, between $ 500,000 and $ 1,000,000 will be saved in hardware costs alone. The new system will enable faster response time, guaranteed data integrity, and fewer required resources.

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