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Tata Steel saves maintenance costs


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Corus is part of the Tata Steel Group. The company produces, processes and distributes high-tensile steel for products that moderate daily life. The company is the five-largest steel company of the world. In The Netherlands Corus is engaged in the production, processing and distribution of steel and aluminium.


At Corus IJmuiden slices of steel are rolled forging to a thin roll of steel via the hot rolling strip mill. In the earlier stage they are heated until 1300 ˚C in one of the four slab reheating furnaces. After the heating, the slices arrive on a roller conveyor. Regular disturbance of these roller conveyors lead to stagnation of the factory. Problems with the water cooling and the grease lubrication of the bearings caused these disturbances. A bearing is to be cooled by a water-cooled cover that is assembled in front of the bearing. One of the problems was the supply of water via hoses of corrosion-resisting steel.


In this case, ERIKS chose 161 M, an extra flexible hose of corrosion-resisting steel. Because of the temperature Eritite-couplings were adviced with a Viton®-seal. The Eritite-coupling prevents torsional stress in the hose and these hoses can be assembled and disassembled fastly.

Moreover, the connection to the water-cooled cover was replaced from the front to the lower side of the cover. The course of the hose improved and creases no longer occurred. Instead of working with two different sizes of hoses, Corus could use only one size for all connections from this day on. The improvements have lead to significant less disturbances. The tool life of the bearings is lengthened considerably and the installation has a much higher reliability.


A considerable deduction of the maintenance costs of over €15.000,- and 14 hours less production loss.

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