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Seals for lights in landing strips


Siemens develops lights for runways of airports. Many FKM and silicone gaskets were in place but none gave good results. Image the lights have to take a high tension when a big 747 passes by.


Sealing the lamps on an airport landing strip is not easy. Due to lifetime tests and tests in practice it was clear that standard silicone did not do the job. Also the low temperature was of big influence.


ERIKS developed a special silicone compound with extremely low compression set which did the job Siemens wanted. This low compression set compound resists low temperature but also the moments of high tension when a Boeing 747 is landing or taking off.

A special design of the gasket was made and we deliver since many years €100.000,- of silicone gaskets to Siemens factories producing these lights.


This special silicone compound is fully agreed by Siemens worldwide for his performance and security.

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