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Reduction of frictional resistance



Hytruck is the first complete climate and eco friendly multi purpose transport vehicle. The Hytruck is implemented in existing vehicles where the conventional messenger rope is replaced by a new one. 20k W Fuelcells, assembled under the cabin supply the energy.

Hytruck is an initiative ofthe Boudesteijn Groep, Nedstack and e-Traction. e-Traction designed and built the special electric engines to be build in the rim, using various ERIKS seals.


The precious electronics in the wheel are protected against splashing rainwater by ERIKS oil seals with a SurfaPlus coating SP10020 on a PTFE-basis. The frictional resistance is reducted with no less than 50% with these oil seals. Rubber seals with this coating have a much longer life time than standard seals.

ERIKS supplies all the necessary components for this project in one complete set (oil seals, O-rings, flange gaskets, bearings and fixing devices). Ordering at ERIKS saves much time and money for the customer, very convenient!


Reduction of the frictional resistance with 50%

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