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Prevent bearing failure



Recycling has become common place in our society from clothes to household plastic and paper rubbish. The problem has recently evolved from the replacement of video tape to DVD. Due to this, recycling plants are experiencing a massive surge of video tape disposal as people are clearing out their lofts of unwanted movies.


The problem arises when the tape inside the cassette becomes unravelled and wraps round anything that comes into contact with. This tends to happen mainly with the conveyer rollers designed to separate paper and cardboard from the remainder of the rubbish. The tape works down the rollers and binds up at each end where the mounting bearings are situated.
The first problem experienced is that the tape is gathered up so tightly that it forces the metal bearing seal into the rolling elements causing catastrophic failure on a regular basis. Secondly, the tape gathers up and jams causing immense friction and heat. This could cause fire, personal injuries and a significant amount of lost downtime.


This required the implementation of a product that would have to protect the roller bearing and prevent the build up of tape. ERIKS recommended the use of a PTFE disc matching the profile of the external part of the bearing seal. This was then located over the existing bearing seal.
PTFE was selected because according to DuPont its melting point is 327 °C and the coefficient of friction is 0.1 or less, which is the lowest of any known solid material. PTFE's resistance to Van der Waals forces means that it is the only known surface to which a gecko cannot stick.
After a testperiode all the rollers were fitt with this seal. At least three other sites within the area have a serious interest for these seals to be fitted.
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