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Plastic solutions made to order for Sanquin, the Netherlands


ERIKS supplies turnkey solutions for Sanquin blood supply and plasma service


The modern Plasma Products division is part of Sanquin Bloedvoorziening. It makes medicines from human blood plasma for the treatment of a range of diseases, including clotting agents, immunoglobulines and albumine, for the Dutch and international market. Certain clotting agents are distilled from the plasma with what is known as a 3F column and a 4F column. A PEG filtration column is used for filtrations. To handle growing market demand and work more efficiently required bigger columns. They had to be scaled up from 1600 kilograms of plasma per batch to 2500. The PEG filtration column had to be expanded from 800 to 2500 kilograms. The plastic basins in which the columns could be cleaned were also to be modified. ERIKS was invited to study the issue.


Capacity increase was realized through a linear scale-up of three plasma processing columns. Although the scaling-up was linear, it still posed engineering challenges. ERIKS dealt with all the calculations and designs. Due to the size and weights involved, strength calculations had to be made. Whatever the challenges, ERIKS always solved them in consultation with the customer: ‘ERIKS seamlessly supplied the right FDA and USP certificates and the functional acceptance test. ERIKS addressed our problem very well and provided advice and assistance where necessary. Everything was handled promptly’.

This case is also available as a pdf. Click here to download (216kB).

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