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Jaffa cakes are cool



Jaffa cakes are very popular in the United Kingdom. The circular cakes are made of a sponge cake base, a layer of orange flavoured jelly and a coating of dark chocolate. Over 750 million Jaffa cakes are eaten every year. If you laid them end to end they would reach from London to Australia and back – now that’s a lot of cakes.

The production facility of United Biscuits, were the Jaffa cakes are made, can be a very warm place. Eighteen “Air Handling Units” and one mobile one during summer cooled the place down.


A survey by ERIKS UK revealed very worn belts and pulleys. All drives were replaced with new Quattro Plus drives. Due to the improved performance of the fans as a result of the new belts and pulleys, only 13 of the 18 fans were used. In addition the mobile unit was no longer needed.

Even more savings could be achieved if all 18 units were switched on at a reduced speed and with finite control of the individual fans. ERIKS UK purchased and installed 18 off Fenner inverters (QDE IP55 4kW pt No 575B44PO). This type of inverter was offered so they could retrofit the drives near to the AHU without having tot fit into additional panels.

Based on the fans running at 70%, the savings will have a payback time of just over 6 months.


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