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Fenner saves Christmas



Trifle is a very popular pudding in England. It is made of cake, sherry and fruit with custard on top of it.
A food manufacturing site in Lincoln was experiencing a breakdown situation when an inverter failed on their trifle line during their busiest time of the year - the Christmas rush.
An urgent replacement was needed to minimise the huge downtime costs. A direct replacement was only available on a five working day delivery, this was not an option. With downtime costs being calculated at 120 hours at £2,000 per hour, the on-site engineer gave his local ERIKS service centre a call to discuss an alternative solution.


Following a conversation with an application engineer at the ERIKS drives technology centre in Dudley and review of the application, Lincoln service centre were able to offer an alternative to the incumbent drive, the new Fenner QD:CT PLUS was in stock and could be on site before 9.00am the following  day, was the perfect solution.

The customer was extremely pleased with the Fenner Inverter supplied, and very impressed at the rapid response and technical support provided by the service centre.

Although the main objective of cutting down huge downtime costs was achieved, a much-improved equivalent was provided.

The Fenner QD:CT PLUS offers synchronised control and simple speed  matching across a variety of conveying applications, making it the ideal solution for this particular breakdown situation.


The main objective of cutting down huge downtime costs was achieved.

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