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Explosive powder

ERIKS Case AbrATEX groot

Anti-static RX® AbrATEX hose for explosive powders

The RX® AbrATEX is a new ERIKS hose for pneumatic powder transport, which discharges static electricity safely and continuously. The RX® AbrATEX is made from abrasion resistant and food quality Polyurethane.

The high speed contact of solid parts with the inner side of the hose during transport of dry powders causes static electricity. The instant the voltage becomes too high, discharge may occur with a spark which leads to unsafe situations.

People often think that grounding the spiral or static wires of the hose to the installation is safe enough for derivation of static electricity, but this is not the case. Once positively or negatively charged parts approach each other towards a conductor, a discharge arc takes place when the voltage is high enough. It is important that the charged parts can be discharged directly by means of the wall of the hose.

The RX® AbrATEX hose will discharge the high voltage, because the wall of the hose is made of transparent antistatic Polyurethane and has an electrical resistance of less than 108 Ohms. The accumulated static electricity will continuously and safely be discharged by means of the antistatic Polyurethane hose and the double stainless steel spiral. By connecting the spiral of the hose to the installation, a safe transportation of abrasive materials is realized and it fulfils the requirements as stated by the ATEX 137. The hoses have been extensively tested under severe conditions, have a very high abrasion resistance and are also food safe according to EU1935/2005 and EU2007/19.


Safe discharge of static electricity

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