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ERIKS and Shell


ERIKS’ Knowledge and experience proves capability as global supplier to Shell


A great working relationship with local Shell operations and the acquisition of approved manufacturer Leader Gasket Technologies (an ERIKS company) got ERIKS a seat at the table at Shell Global Solutions and eventually led to an Enterprise Framework Agreement. ERIKS now supplies gaskets to every upstream and downstream Shell operation and all chemical plants in Europe and North America. The contract marks an important milestone for ERIKS. It’s the first time ERIKS gets to service a company in so many different regions of the world under the same agreement.


ERIKS has been servicing local Shell operations all over the world for over 16 years. The longest cooperation dates back to 1998. Since then, ERIKS has been a key parts supplier for the Shell refinery in Pernis, the Netherlands. ERIKS provides Shell with a 24/7 service. This means in some cases local quick-supply OpCo units very rapidly have to be set up, like in Aberdeen, Rotterdam and Gladbeck. The Shell contract is an Enterprise Framework Agreement, which means ERIKS is the go-to gaskets supplier for all Shell’s upstream and downstream operations and the chemical industry in Europe and North America. ERIKS is also global supplier for Capex projects (new investments).

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