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Safer transport with engineered seals from recyclable material

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IMG Europe BV in Gassel, The Netherlands is a producer and supplier of innovative Personal Protection products and medical supplies with regard to hygiene and infection prevention. The expertise of this company is so unique that the authorities make use of it frequently for drawing up norms and regulations.
For transport of diagnostic material (blood samples, human tissue) a carrier in letter format was designed, which complies with international standards. The unique feature of this container is the combination of compact dimensions and a maximum load pressure of 95 KPa.

The customer had tried for a year to find a solution by using various products, but could not find a consistent solution. The set of requirements was simply too challenging; sealing ABS plastic product parts, a pressure of 95 KPa, temperature resistant from -40 to 80°C and being hygienic and reusable.
ERIKS seals and rubber experts came up with a seal design based on a “dual sealing point” concept. It means that the rubber parts seal on two sides. If one fails, there is a backup. After drawing the concept, a sample was made on the 3D printer in Alkmaar. Sampling a rubber normally takes 3 to 4 weeks and requires a costly prototype tool. With our 3D technology all this can be bypassed. Within a week the sample was brought to the customer. After fitting and testing with our sample seal the customer almost instantly rewarded ERIKS with the order for its future high-volume need. The ERIKS seals will be made from TPE; a so called thermoplastic elastomer, which can be recycled, unlike rubber.

3D printer

With its 3D printer ERIKS can help customers develop new products faster. Starting with a drawing, any product made of rubber, plastics or combinations thereof can be printed as a physical prototype in just a few hours, delivering significant time-tomarket savings for development departments.


The Biocarrier is recyclable.
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By using the 3D printer a lot of production- and delivery time was saved.

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