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Markets - Machine and equipment construction

ERIKSnv_Markets_Machine and equipment construction

ERIKS is happy to share its know-how with its customers.

In doing so, ERIKS plays a positive role in its customers’ development processes, helping them to reduce their development costs, keep their cost price low, increase efficiency, cut energy costs and improve safety. ERIKS constantly strives to offer enhanced functionality for less outlay. It is continuously developing new materials in its in-house material research centre, producing new control technologies and offering the latest technological developments in the fields of power transmission and flow technology.

Machine and equipment manufacturers can rely on ERIKS’ extensive range of power transmission, machined plastic, rubber technology, hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, bearings, linear technology, motion control and flow technology. ERIKS also supplies a wide range of industrial maintenance products. In recent years ERIKS power transmission has carved out a position for itself in the medical and laboratory technology markets.

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