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Markets - Food and Pharmaceuticals

ERIKSnv_Markets_Food and pharma

ERIKS founder Arie Eriks started out in 1940 supplying gaskets, seals, V-belts and hoses to the dairy industry.

A number of ERIKS companies still have a strong position in the food industry today. By specialising in sanitary and polished ‘clean’ products, it was a small step to move into the pharmaceutical industry and later the semiconductor industry.

ERIKS has developed a wide range of seals, valves, special hoses, instruments and plastics for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. ERIKS’ in-house materials development centre is on the cutting edge of developments in special rubber compounds for the food industry.

ERIKS Power Transmission supplies the food industry with a wide range of actuators for internal transportation. In addition to production and assembly capacity, ERIKS also has a state-of-the-art clean room.

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