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ERIKS is an international industrial service provider offering a wide range of high-quality mechanical engineering components and associated technical and logistics services.

Over the past ten years, ERIKS has become a leading-edge, innovative supplier to certain defined segments of industry, fulfilling the twin roles of specialist and broad MRO supplier. ERIKS’ customers are primarily in the OEM and project markets and the maintenance market. Several ERIKS companies manufacture high-quality products in each ERIKS' core activity. This has resulted in a robust, growing range of competitive private brands.

Sales of over EUR 1.9 billion were achieved in 2016 with an average workforce of approximately 7,780 people (fte). As a leading-edge supplier to industry, ERIKS recognises the role it plays in the distribution chain and in society as a whole. Present-day views on sustainability and corporate social responsibility are anchored in its strategy and operational management.

ERIKS offers its products and services to the industrial end-user based on its passion for technology, its broad and deep knowledge of market developments, product properties, product applications, product processing, logistics and its state-of-the-art infrastructure. This enables ERIKS to make a positive contribution to the business operations of its customers and suppliers and its social environment.

ERIKS serves approximately 200,000 industrial customers (business-to business), markets a range of more than 680,000 articles and sends out more than five million shipments every year. The ERIKS group currently consists of more than 350 branches in 21 countries. The geographical focus of the group’s activities is in Europe and North America, where about 95 percent of its sales are achieved.

ERIKS’ current product range, including the technical and logistics services that form part of it, is divided into eight product groups:

  • Sealing and Polymer Technology
  • Power Transmission
  • Industrial and Hydraulic Hoses
  • Gaskets
  • Flow Control
  • Engineered Plastics
  • Tools, Maintenance and Safety Products
  • Conveying Systems

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