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History of ERIKS


Foundation ERIKS

ERIKS was founded in Alkmaar by Arie Eriks.


1945 - 1955

Growth of ERIKS

After WWII the business in gaskets and rubber was growing fast. Representing Saunders was a good basis for further growth. Branch operations were founded nearby industrial centers: Rotterdam, Enschede and Eindhoven.

Unloading Saunders valves which were delivered per ship at the Alkmaar branch.


Foundation of ERIKS Belgium

Laying the first stone at ERIKS Belgium.



Foundation of Flexion (NL); CCC Power Transmission.

ERIKS - history - 1972 - Flexion building
Flexion Roermond in 1972

ERIKS - history - 1980 - Assembly of couplings
Assembly of couplings


Listing at stock exchange market

ERIKS is listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange market.

ERIKS France

ERIKS France was founded.

ERIKS France



Foundation of ERIKS Singapore.




Foundation of ERIKS USA.

ERIKS_history_1988 fortworth
Fort Worth, USA


Malaysia, Germany

Foundation of ERIKS Malaysia. ERIKS starts doing business in Germany on a small scale via Hill & Müller.

Kuala Lumpur


Holding Germany

Foundation of ERIKS Holding Germany.

The old marketplace in Bielefeld, Germany


Acquisition of Heusinger + Salmon

Heusinger and Salmon aquired in Germany.

Heusinger + Salmon, Germany


E. Schwartz en Noton

In the Netherlands E. Schwartz and Noton were added.


Huizen harbour, the Netherlands



Elmeq group became part of ERIKS, as the start of the product group electrical power transmission.

Elmeq Schoonhoven, The Netherlands



Vemoflex-group (specialised in hoses and couplings) was incorporated.

Vemoflex in Asse near Brussels, Belgium


Expansions in Germany, Belgium and The Netherland

H+S Mangelsdorf, further expansion with Schötz Industrietechnik (Germany), Hydromeka (Belgium), and Bruhamij (The Netherlands, specialised in industrial plastics).

Bruhamij ERIKS - Ede



Baudoin group in Belgium was added. The product group tools and maintenance products was introduced.

The restorationworkshop of Baudoin in 1926; Lakemakerstraat Mol Belgium.


The ERIKS + BAUDOIN workshop in 2010


Van Eyle & Ruygers

In the Netherlands Van Eyle & Ruygers was added as CCC Tools and MRO products.

Van Eyle & Ruygers-Schwartz - Rotterdam



Acquisition of the activities of Metalen Verhoestraete (Belgium), Freudenberg Simrit in the Netherlands, and Steinebronn Industrietechnik (Germany).

ERIKS_history_2004_Deutschland Steinebronn Stuttgart2
Steinebronn, Germany


Expansion of productgroups

Acquisition of the activities of Acona- Hydraulic-Systeme in Germany. Add ons in Belgium, France and the Netherlands follow with the aim of strengthening the range of existing product groups. The introduction of the twin business model in 2000 resulted in the need to expand the range with bearings, tools and maintenance products.


But what put ERIKS truly on the map was the merger with Wyko at the end of 2006. This acquisition not only enabled ERIKS to add the UK to its list of home markets, but also turned the company into the European industrial market leader in mechanical engineering parts.


Poland and USA

Besides combining forces with Wyko, 2006 also saw ERIKS moving into the Polish market, with the acquisition of Passerotti and Mowta, and strengthening its position in the USA with the acquisition of Turpen & Associates.

ERIKS_history_2006_Polen Passerotti
Passerotti, Poland


Acquisitions UK

This was followed by further add ons in the UK (Flexible Hose Supply and Forco Electrical Services) in 2007.

ERIKS UK Halesowen


Add ons in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland

This was followed by further add ons in the Netherlands (Wielens power transmission), Germany (Schmitztechnik) and Poland (TIM and Hydromet) in the first months of 2008.

Wielens, Groningen, The Netherlands


Mr. A.J. Wielens Sr, who founded the company in 1932.




June 2008, ERIKS announced that it controlled more than 99% of the shares in Econosto; an action that resulted in a unique combination.

Econosto Capelle a/d IJssel, The Netherlands


Arnold Frommeyer

Acquisition of Arnold Frommeyer in Germany. This company is engaged in the marketing and sales of agricultural components. Arnold Frommeyer is established in Isernhagen and Braunschweig. With this acquisition ERIKS follows the strategy of expanding the activities in Germany.

ERIKS_history_2009_Arnold Frommeyer
Arnold Frommeyer, Isernhagen, Germany

Termination of the listing on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange Market

ERIKS is incorporated by SHV holding. This incorporation ends the listing of ERIKS nv at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.



Further expansion of the core activity of industrial plastics with the acquisition of Kubra which enables ERIKS to offer its customers an integrated service package of technical plastics (industrial plastic semi-finished products, machined products and injection moulded parts).

Kubra Plastics in Nuenen, the Netherlands

Alfa Techniek

Alfa Techniek is incorporated. The company supplies its products directly to the machine and equipment construction and holds a strong position in the development and the supply of innovative products of rubber technology, sealing technology and connectors.


Fischer GmbH Kunststoffpräzision

In Germany Fischer GmbH Kunststoffpräzision is incorporated. Throughout the years the company has become a specialist on high performance plastic parts for the equipment manufacturing market and a market leader in its activities on the German market.

Fischer Kunsstoffpräzision in Laupheim Germany.



SKF Economos Belgium NV

The acquisition of SKF Economos Belgium nv in Asse Belgium strengthens the market position of ERIKS+BAUDOIN in Belgium and offers its customers a more integral product range for advanced engineering plastics. The name of SKF Economos has been changed in ERIKS Rubber & Plastics.

Rawson LP, USA and Mexico

In the USA Rawson LP is incorporated. Rawson supplies the chemical industry, oil and gas industry, the pharmaceutical and food processing industries with valve, control and measurement solutions and energy management. Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, and Mexico are new branch locations of ERIKS in the USA and Mexico.

Rawson Inc in Houston, Texas


Valtor Offshore

The valves product group intensifies the European market with the acquisition of Valtor Offshore in Denmark. This is a trading and engineering company, which supplies products, consultancy, and service to a wide range of customers in the oil- and gasindustry. The company is based on many years of practical experience and the ability to be at the forefront of the alternating needs of the market.

Valtor Offshore in Esbjerg


The Newdell Company

Acquisition of The Newdell Company in Houston, Texas. This industrial manufacturer and wholesaler of valves used in the petrochemical, chemical, and refinery markets is the exclusive North American distributor for PK (Pan Korea) industrial valves. The company produces the Smith Forged Steel valve line, ownes the product line Diamond Gear Company and represents Ladish Valves.

The Newdell Company in Houston, Texas


Acquisition of AMG-Pesch GmbH in Germany

The activities of AMG Pesch comprise the construction, design, manufacture, marketing and sale of high-quality pneumatic valve actuators, special valves, standard valves and assemblies in the field of fluid technology. The company’s customers are original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and end users, particularly in the segments of chemicals, energy, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, food technology and pump and plant construction. In addition to the company headquarters in Cologne, other sites are operated in Merseburg (Germany). AMG Pesch is one of Germany’s leading providers in the valve industry. This acquisition represents a clear expansion of the market position of ERIKS Germany in the field of fluid technology.


California Seals & Fastener

Acquisition of California Seal & Fastener, Inc. from Santa Clara California.
California Seal & Fastener, Inc. (Cal Seal), was established in 1980 to support the Semiconductor and other high tech industries with a wide variety of products and services. Since then, Cal Seal has expanded their product lines to serve additional markets with specialty sealing, vacuum components and accompanying logistics services.  Cal Seal is established in California, Oregon and Texas.

ERIKS nv_Historie_CalSeal 2011

Cal Seal in Santa Clara, California


Sodeco Armaturen GmbH

ERIKS acquired the German business activities of the Sodeco subsidiary Sodeco Armaturen GmbH in Cologne.

The acquisition was carried out by the ERIKS Core Competence Centre for fittings and actuators in Germany, AMG Pesch GmbH in Cologne. As a result, AMG Pesch will become an authorised distribution partner of the JC (ball valves) and TTV (butterfly valves) brands in Germany.

The company becomes one of Germany’s leading providers in this industry with OEM-customers (Original Equipment Manufacturers) as well as end users, particularly in the chemicals, energy, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, food technology and pump and plant construction market segments.


Dansk Ventil Center

Further extension of the core activity Flow in Europe, with the acquisition of Dansk Ventil Center A/S and DVC International ApSleading Danish industrial valve suppliers, offering a complete range of valves, level gauges and valve automation systems.

With a complete assortment of products, in-house engineering and assembly capabilities DVC services in particular the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) market, the power generation market (boiler manufacturers) and a wide range of other industries.

DVC develops, engineers and manufactures a range of heavy duty level gauges, butterfly valves and check valves. In addition DVC has an assortment of industrial valves, special valves for pharmacy applications, pneumatic valve actuators and valve automation systems.

ERIKS nv_Historie_Dansk Ventil Center


Industrial Controls

Acquisition of Industrial Controls in the USA. Industrial Controls is the leading distributor of Controls, Instrumentation, Automation and Automated Valves in the U.S.
The company serves over 10,000 customers with the industry’s premier brands through its national network of 17 branch offices and e-commerce/catalog capabilities.
Industrial Controls provides ERIKS with a platform for growth in Controls & Instrumentation in North America and strengthens ERIKS’ position as a global industrial service provider.

ERIKS_History_2012_Industrial Controls

Industrial Controls New Jersey Headquarters



LewisGoetz and Company, Inc. a leading international industrial service provider has been built through a series of acquisitions. Since 1935, companies like the Goodall Rubber Company, Samson Industrial, RBH/Mill & Elevator Supply, RBH/Industrial, EVCO House of Hose and Industrial Supply & Rubber of Decatur became part of LewisGoetz.

Today, LewisGoetz operates about 85 stocking facilities, through which it distributes a range of industrial products including conveyor belts, hydraulic and metal hoses, joints, nozzles, gaskets and seals. It also performs related maintenance services on conveyor belt systems.

LewisGoetz  provides consistent, reliable, high quality products and services to North American industry, whether that is to support a single local customer or the largest multinational corporations with facilities throughout the continent and will significantly strengthen ERIKS’ market position in the United States.



Hertel Industrial Sealings

Further strengthening of the existing gasket business in the Netherlands and Belgium with the acquisition of Hertel Industrial Sealings, a specialised, stand alone operation of the Hertel Group. Hertel is an international industrial services company that constructs, maintains and modifies plants and installations for the oil and gas, process, offshore and power industries.

Over the past period, the Hertel group has strengthened its focus towards industrial project and maintenance services. For ERIKS it offers a good entrance to the German Ruhr area.


Quantum Supply Ltd.

Quantum Supply Ltd. markets valve and process equipment to industries in Western Canada and acts as both manufacturer’s representative and distributor. Quantum also specializes in the engineering and fabrication of steam pipeline valve stations. Focal industries include oil & gas production, heavy oil production and upgrading, gas transmission and distribution, mining, power generation, chemical and petrochemical. Quantum Supply is headquartered in Vancouver and operates branches in Calgary and Edmonton.



Carolina Control Depot

ERIKS acquired Carolina Control Depot (“CCD”), a North Carolina based distributor of HVAC Controls, through its wholly owned operating company Industrial Controls. CCD will integrate operations with Industrial Controls to serve the North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia markets.

Industrial Rubber & Supply of Savannah

ERIKS acquired the assets of Industrial Rubber & Supply of Savannah, Inc., a Georgia based distributor of fabricated industrial rubber products and related services through its wholly owned operating company Lewis-Goetz and Company, Inc.


Elastomer Research Testing B.V.

ERIKS acquired, through its wholly owned operating company ERIKS bv in the Netherlands, Elastomer Research Testing B.V., in Deventer, The Netherlands.
ERT is an independent ISO 17025 accedited research and testing laboratory for elastomers. Its customers are producers and end users of rubber products as well as manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials used in the production of rubber products.



Valves Entreprise S.L.

Valves Entreprise was founded in 1993 and the company is one of the leading manufacturers of Dual Expanding Double Block and Bleed Valves. With an innovative valve design and excellent service, Valves Entreprise is a well recognized brand and fully accepted in most of the leading industrial companies in the field of tank storage, refinery, bulk loading, naval and aviation re-fuelling systems and metering systems.  
The addition of Valves Entreprise´s product portfolio will provide the ERIKS group with a set of strategic products for the fast growing tank-storage market. 
The company is renamed into “ERIKS Valves Entreprise S.L.”


IEC Control Shop

ERIKS through its subsidiary Industrial Controls has acquired IEC Control Shop, a Texas based distributor of HVAC controls for over twenty years. IEC Control Shop has branch offices in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas.

Regal Brown

ERIKS through its subsidiary Rawson, Inc. has acquired Regal-Brown, Inc., an Alabama based manufacturers representative for instrumentation, filtration, analytical, and valve products. Regal-Brown, Inc. will continue to operate under that name and serves customers throughout the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida.


Acquisition of the activities of the technical distribution company VEGA in Myszkow (Poland). This business supplies mainly an industrial seals assortment. All VEGA activities will be continued by ERIKS Poland.

KLAUS Technische Grosshandlung GmbH

Acquisition of technical distribution company Klaus Technische Grosshandlung GmbH, Hanau. This business supplies industrial hoses and accessories, seals, tools and pumps. All Klaus activities will be continued by ERIKS Hessen GmbH, Dietzenbach.


CET Motoren

ERIKS Belgium acquired CET Motoren Theys NV. This acquisition fits well with the strategy of ERIKS Belgium to develop further into a full service specialist in power transmission and to grow strongly in Motors, Gears & Drives and services.

CET motoren

G&H Engineering Services Ltd.

ERIKS UK acquired G&H Engineering Services, Glasgow, Scotland. G&H supplies critical gasket components into a number of industrial sectors such as oil and gas, food and general engineering. The business operates primarily in the Scottish market and is recognised as a strong and credible business partner. This acquisition fits well with the strategy of ERIKS UK to develop further its offering in the flow technology market and to grow strongly in the manufacture and supply of critical gasket components.


Acquisition of Leader Global Technologies (Leader), a leading manufacturer and provider of spiral wound and metal gaskets for a variety of industrial applications worldwide.  Leader is headquartered in Houston, Texas with additional operations in Baton Rouge (Louisiana) and Bytča, Slovakia.

The Leader US operations will become a part of the ERIKS North America business while the Bytča, Slovakia manufacturing facility will become part of the ERIKS European operations.

Leader Global Technologies

C&C Industries, Inc and CCTX Flow Products, Inc

Acquisition of C&C Industries, Inc and CCTX Flow Products, Inc. C&C and CCTX are focused on upstream (drilling and exploration), midstream (gas gathering, compressor stations, metering) and downstream (refineries and petrochemical plants) applications in the oil and gas markets of the USA and Canada.

C&C and CCTX  have over two decades worth of expertise in valves and fittings which are predominately supplied to the non-AML (approved manufacturer´s list) markets. C&C is headquartered in Houston, Texas. CCTX operates from Edmonton, AL, Canada.



Acquisition of the Maagtechnic Group, a leading European industrial service provider, serving OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) as well as MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul) with operating companies in Switzerland, France, Germany and the Czech Republic.

Maagtechnic is active in the distribution, manufacturing, customizing and engineering of the following competences:
• Sealing, rubber and plastics technology
• Flow and connection technology
• Power transmission and drive technology
• Tools, maintenance and safety products
• Logistics and e-business solutions.

Advanced Sealing Inc.

Acquisition of Advanced Sealing Inc., Cerritos CA U.S.A. through operating company Lewis-Goetz.

Advanced Sealing is a full-spectrum manufacturer and distributor of fluid sealing products to refining, chemical processing, power generation and wastewater treatment facilities.


Seals and Packings Inc.

ERIKS Seals and Plastics Inc. acquired Seals and Packings Inc., Houston Texas. Seals and Packings has been in business for over 30 years, delivering high-performance seals and related components to a wide range of industries.

Action Industrial Group

Acquisition of Action Industrial Group (USA) through subsidiary Lewis-Goetz. Action Industrial Group is a South Carolina-based manufacturer and distributor specializing in fasteners, gaskets, hose products and industrial construction tools and supplies. The acquisition will add seven Southeast locations to the Lewis-Goetz footprint, as well as considerable gasket fabrication technologies.

K&S Antriebssysteme

ERIKS Germany acquired all shares in K&S Antriebssysteme GmbH & Co. KG in Schwarzenbek (greater Hamburg area). K&S Antriebssysteme is a company specialized in electric motors, gears and frequency converters and offers a broad range of products as well as modern technology in the field of power transmission.

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