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Econ® valves, instrumentation and actuation

With our own brand ECON®, well known all over the world, ERIKS delivers a wide range of valves, instrumentation, actuation and and appurtenances for applications in all industries.

These ECON® products are mostly designed by ERIKS and manufactured In accordance with our highest quality standards applicable for our products.

Before the decision to link the ECON® brand with a product a number of quality checks on the product and on manufacturing site made in accordance with a fixed quality control plan. Specifications like cast quality, pressure testing and tolerance checks on different parts made in accordance with the requirements. If all initial checks past the tests in accordance with the ERIKS quality standard the product been marked with ECON®.

We continue being critical after the first quality checks and deliveries. We repeat our quality control procedures frequently to guarantee that the high quality standard remain. A choice for Econ® means consistency in quality and competitive prices. Therefore it is understandable that more and more end users count on ECON® for valves, instrumentation and actuation.

Contact your local ERIKS company for sales information on ECON® products:
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